Wheeler Bio

Wheeler Bio brings biologics drug innovators, discovery CROs, and CDMOs together to solve an outdated industry bottleneck with a unique partnering model, built on shared success and lasting collaborations.

Wilder Systems

Precision robotics solutions that transform aerospace manufacturing and maintenance


Boddle’s mission is to help kids grow their love for learning so that they can build a brighter future.



UrsaLeo offers a solution for companies focused on net zero efforts and building decarbonization. The company’s Gemini solution is a digital twin platform that marries real-time data streams and the power of gaming to show you exactly how you’re doing in the quest for a lower carbon footprint.

THG Energy Solutions

THG Energy Solutions

THG Energy creates cost-savings, conserves resources, and lowers client’s risk through actionable energy analytics, sustainability reporting, and automated energy management.

Tetherex Pharmaceuticals Corporation


Tetherex Pharmaceuticals Corporation, located in Oklahoma City, is a privately held clinical-stage development biopharmaceutical company focused on development of therapeutics for the treatment of inflammation and tumors across a broad range of severe diseases as well as single-cycle adenovirus vaccines for multiple infectious diseases.

Ten-Nine Tech

Ten-Nine Tech was founded generously—with an open remit to develop new materials for new economies. We continue to work in that same spirit of generosity, guided by our founding principles to ensure that whatever we develop is both transformative and sustainable.



Simergent is committed to putting patient’s needs first, while developing a safe and effective automated peritoneal dialysis device.



We are singularly focused on maintaining the highest levels of service, safety, security, transparency, and efficiency for our riders, our business partners and their families.